For those who live and breathe B2B SaaS.

Subscriptions are beautiful - They need a whole new approach to be designed and marketed. And the challenges keep getting more complex as you go from acquiring a customer to retaining them. We spend most of our week in solving such challenges, and decided to put the best content we find and create in a single place for an indulging reading experience, and a wholesome SaaS brainfood.

Shipped weekly by Recurr, Weekly Recurring Read hits your inbox every Sunday with three sections -

  • Topical - We pick a theme for the week and bring in-house and guest authors to write on it. Expect a few brilliant articles to be added as reference and a real-life case study and analysis on the topic. Think topics like organization structure, scaling partnerships, integration strategy, signup flows etc..

  • Hypothesis - We take a SaaS company you probably would’ve heard of, and think about what we would do as a side-project if we run that company, and had the bandwidth for it.

  • Tickr - SaaS news from the previous week and at times some memes that we keep posting on @reccurco